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Whether you are an absolute beginner, intermediate or advanced guitar player, here you will find some great additional resources to take your guitar playing to the next level. 

Play Guitar, Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Electric Guitar Lessons

Guitar Songs Tab

Beginner Guitar Lessons: How to Play Guitar in 14 Easy Lessons

Guitar Music Theory

Guitar Technique

Guitar Scales

Guitar Christmas Tabs Songs

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Play Guitar, Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Guitar Lessons, Electric Guitar Lessons

Imagine picking up your guitar today. 

You place your fret-hand on the neck and notice something very subtle...

Your hand "feels" different.  

As you grab your guitar pick, you notice that your pick-hand "feels" different too. 

You start to play...

and play...

and play...

Wow, your hand flies effortlessly over the fretboard...

And your pick is always where it should be: nailing every single note with deadly accuracy

You feel wave after wave of goose-bumps as you play. 

What an incredible feeling!

You've unleashed the master guitarist within!

Play guitar with Guitar Accelerator: How to make massive improvements in your guitar playing

This is the ultimate accelerated learning system for guitar.

Guitar Songs Tab

What is your favourite thing to play on the guitar?

If you're like most guitarists, I'm sure you'll say your favourite thing is playing songs on your guitar. 

It's tons of fun playing your favourite songs and getting goose bumps as you play songs note-for-note.

Now I have a question for you:

"Since you love to play songs on guitar, wouldn't you love to be able to learn songs faster?"

Just imagine if you were able to learn to play any guitar song in less time than it normally takes you.  Imagine learning 2 songs in the time it usually takes you to learn 1.  This means you will learn double the number of songs in a year. 

What about learning 3 or 4 songs in the time it normally takes you to learn 1.  How many songs will you now be able to learn in a year?  So how can you learn more songs in less time?  That's were my course 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast comes in.  In this step-by-step system you will master the most powerful and effective ways to learn songs on your guitar.  These are the techniques the top musicians in the world use to learn songs. 

You Don't Have to Learn Songs the Long and Hard Way

Most guitarists have no real system to learn songs. They think that the best way to learn a song is to just keep playing it over and over until it is memorized.  Sorry, but this is actually the biggest waste of your time!

The World’s Best Musicians Know These Secret Techniques and Now You Can Too!

Normally you would have to study privately with the top musicians to learn these techniques, but not anymore. 

The 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast is the first course that shows you how to effectively learn more songs in less time. 


So if you are ready to learn guitar songs super-fast grab your copy of 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast.  Great for all levels of guitar players.

Beginner Guitar Lessons: How to Play Guitar in 14 Easy Lessons

Just getting started on guitar?  Looking for a quick, easy and proven way to learn to play the guitar from scratch?

Guitar Quick Start: 14 Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons takes all the guesswork out of learning to play guitar.  Each lesson is organized into bite-sized chunks. 

You'll start with the basics and learn:

How to hold the guitar
How to hold a pick
How to play the most popular chords
How to tune the guitar
How to read tablature. 

Tablature, or tab as it is also known, is a REALLY EASY WAY TO LEARN GUITAR MUSIC.  In tablature each line represents a string.  A number on a string indicates the fret that you need to place your finger on.  It’s as simple as that.  This means that you can easily translate the notes from a song onto the neck of your guitar without having to read music!

Next you'll move on to the really cool stuff: you'll learn how to play songs!

How to play songs!
Audio tracks are included

Ready to get started?  Grab your copy of Guitar Quick Start: 14 Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons.

Guitar Music Theory

In every guitar player's life there comes a time when it's right to learn guitar theory.  Some guitar players learn guitar theory right from the start.  Others discover it later in their playing career. 

Most guitarists can only go so far until their guitar playing hits a wall.  Then it seems like no matter what they do, they just can't seem to improve.  This is usually when the door opens to learning guitar theory.  When you learn guitar theory and discover how to apply it to the neck of your guitar, your view and understanding of music will never be the same.  You'll discover things you never would have stumbled across otherwise.  The bottom line is with guitar theory you have more choices and that of course is a good thing isn't it?

Isn't it time to totally understand guitar music theory?

Guitar Technique

It's pretty much a given.  You want to be the best you can be on the guitar.


Of course you do.

You'd love to improve your guitar technique but you are not quite sure what you need to do. 

With the Top 30 Most Powerful Guitar Technique Exercises of All Time you'll learn the 30 most effective guitar technique exercises to improve your guitar playing in the shortest time possible.  This is perfect for the beginner to intermediate guitarist.



If you would love to improve your guitar technique this weekend, check out my Weekend Guitar Warrior course.




For intermediate and advanced guitar players I'd recommend you check out:

Guitar Hanon - How to Apply the Hanon Studies to Guitar with Mega Chops to improve your guitar technique by properly apply the Hanon Studies to the guitar.  There are some killer guitar technique exercises in here!



If you want to improve your guitar technique and guitar shred check out How I Got Killer Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School: Confessions of A High School Shredder



Guitar Scales

Get your hands on the Ultimate Guitar Scales Resource





Guitar Christmas Tabs Songs

Learn how to play all your favourite Christmas guitar songs with tab.

As a beginning guitarist, trying to make sense of most of the Christmas sheet music and song books out there can be pretty confusing.

In fact, most sheet music makes Christmas songs way more complicated than they need be.

Then there's the free tab websites.  Unfortunately a lot of these tabs are outright wrong.  As a beginner it's virtually impossible for you to know which arrangements are right and which are wrong.  So why waste your time learning tab that might be wrong?

Good News

Now here's the good news. It can be really easy to play Christmas songs if you learn them the right way.

15 Easy Christmas Favourites For Guitar: With Only 3 Chords will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to play Christmas songs note-by-note, finger-by-finger.


Whether you play piano, sax, trumpet, violin or any other instrument, understanding how music works is essential to getting the most out of your instrument.  With the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for All Instruments, you'll learn the music theory you absolutely must know.  And best of all, you'll get it in an easy to understand format so you'll be able to learn music theory fast and apply it to your instrument.


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