How to Totally Understand Guitar Theory

What is Guitar Theory?

By Don J. MacLean

Guitar theory which is also called guitar music theory or music theory for guitar is music theory that is specifically applied to the guitar.  In other words, guitar theory is simply applying or adapting music theory so it is relevant to the guitar.

Music theory simply organizes the techniques that have been used by composers for hundreds of years. 

Guitar theory will provide you with many tools that will not only increase your understanding of music, but will also give you extensive resources for writing your own music and save you countless hours of wasted practice time. 

With the fundamentals of music theory, you will see and hear a whole new world.

Guitar theory will unlock the fretboard allowing you to see relationships and patterns you never knew existed. 

And since you will understand how music works, you will learn songs faster.

  •  Save countless hours of wasted practice time

  •   Learn songs faster

  •   Unlock the secrets of the fretboard

  •   Learn chords and scales faster

  •   Write your own great songs

  •   Create those killer guitar solos you've always dreamed of

  •   Easily learn songs by ear

Let's take a closer look at just two of these main benefits to learning guitar theory.

Save Countless Hours of Practice Time

As you improve your understanding of guitar theory you will start to see the bigger picture.  You will start to see how things relate to one another.  In other words you will start to see patterns emerge.  This means that you don't have to learn things from scratch, you can simply rearrange the building blocks you already know.

How to Learn Songs Really Fast

Let's say you are going to learn a new song.  If the song uses an E minor scale for the guitar solo and you already know the scale fingerings, all you have to do is learn the order that the notes are played.  

The same holds true for chords.  If you already know the chords in the song, all you have to do is learn the strumming pattern and then memorize the order of the chords. 

Won't this totally speed up the process of learning songs?

The more theory you know, the easier it will be for you to learn songs.  You will be able to quickly determine the chords in a song, what progressions are being used, scale choice, etc.  In addition to making the song easier to remember, you will be able to transpose the song to different keys if desired.

Isn't it time to:

Learn the Guitar Theory You Need to Know Now


Don J. MacLean is one of North America's leading authorities on accelerated learning methods for guitar. Don is the author of over 30 books including How I Got Killer Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School: Confessions of a High School Shredder, 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast, 7 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Chord Super-Fast, Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition, The World of Scales, and the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar.

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